Internationalisation and regional impact

We have a global network of about 200 universities. Our annual contribution to the regional economy amounts to several million Swiss franks in added value.


  • Global network of about 200 partner schools.
  • 54 per cent of our undergraduates spend a semester abroad.
  • 52 per cent of our Master's students spend at least one semester abroad.


Employment statistics

  • With more than 3,300 staff (1051,7 full-time equivalents, 2017) we are one of the canton’s largest employers.
  • 59 per cent of its employees live in the region Appenzell AR – St.Gallen – Bodensee.
  • 12 trainees in 5 professional areas.

  HSG’s regional impact

  • Annual 235.5 million Swiss francs in added value to the region of Appenzell AR – St.Gallen – Bodensee (2017).
  • Increase of purchasing power in the region, particularly through the  students.